Friday, July 4, 2014

SARAH IS HOME! New email address...

We love that Sarah made it home safely! She is FANTASTIC!!! We hope that you all get to enjoy her company soon.

Sarah's new email address is:

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hasta ver

Well, familia.

This is the last. The last leaf. The last supper. The last melon. The last straw. The last chance. The last...I don`t know what else I can put at the end of last, but there are a lot of lasts in this life.

I can`t believe that I´m creating one now. A last. The last email as a full-time missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The last time I will be writing to you all with a little plaquita en mi pecho and the autoridad given to those called as representatives of Jesus Christ.

The last time I will wish you a "rabbit rabbit" in advance. The last time I will share my testimony through insufficient words. The last time I will enter this email address. The last time I will be in Ecuador on a Monday. The last a lot of stuff. And it`s hard to say goodbye.

Hard to say goodbye to the believing and faith-filled people of Ecuador. Hard to say goodbye to the smells, the dogs, the trash, the trees, the different plants, the cement houses. Hard to say goodbye to the missionaries, to my mission president, to the people who have helped me along this year and a half adventure. Hard to let go of the autoridad I have been given. Hard to not be able to teach with the same poder as antes. Hard to not be as close to my Savior Jesuscrist as His representative.

I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know He is my Savior and Redeemer. I know that this is His church. He personalmente la dirige. It will be a new adventure going home, but I will never forget everything that has happened here. I love being a missionary. I love the Gospel. And I love my Father in Heaven.

See you soon. :]

Hermana Ayer

P.S. can we go blueberry picking when I get home?

Mas fotos

 Hna. Schiller de Chile


Be happy   :]

My last pday in Ecuador as a misionera de tiempo completo


My zone--Cuenca Norte

Ecuadorian pride...too bad they lost that partido that day

 I died...well, not quite yet, but this was the last time I saw my zone.

 Ayer graffiti!

Monday, June 23, 2014

The time is far spent.


Well, the time is far spent, there is little remaining. I can´t believe that in just a week and a half, I will be home. What´s most crazy is that I´ll be there for the 4th of July!! I thought I was going to have 2 of those here in Ecuador, but I guess not. This mission doesn´t tell us much, so the 8th was just a guess on my part, but revelation from Presidente Torres says the 3rd. So I´ll see you then. :)

Mom and Dad, happy 27th anniversary this week! I hope it´s a great day! It´s so golden because it´s 27 years on the 27th. (Just like Mills Dog! 2014 is a golden year!)

Ecuador ganó contra Honduras 2-1. We had to be in our house early because of the borrachos.

I have a new compañera! Her name is Hermana Schiller from Chile.

I don´t have much else to say (sorry), except that I love you a lot. I have loved being a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I know that this is the only true church upon the face of the earth. I know that Christ lives and that He is our Savior. He is the Son of God. God is our loving Heavenly Father and has given us so many blessings! Look for those blessings in your life. Count them one by one. And it will surprise you what the Lord has done. He has given me so many blessings, and the greatest is this time that He has given me to be His representative. I can´t believe He trusts so much in me that He called me to be His representative, as weak and imperfect as I am. I know that we don´t need to be perfect to do this work, but we need to give all we have. DyC 4. I know Christ lives and the Book of Mormon testifies of Him. I know this book is true. Read it, meditate, and pray. God will answer.

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. Love.

Mateo 19:29

3 Nefi 5:13

Even maaaas fotos

Cuenca, el Valle

100% Ecuatoriana.  Nothing matches.  That´s the key.

Hermana Adams and mi being very unattractive and filled with Ecuadorian pride

More Ecuadorian pride.


The hermanas de nuestra zona, Cuenca Norte.

 La familia Zumba.  They´re so awesome!!

 A lady in our ward makes sombreros, so we tried them on.

More sombreros.

I'm Coming Home!

Just so you´re aware................

I´m coming home on the 3rd, not the 8th.

A week and a half.


See you soon!

Hermana Ayer

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Cc: Ecuador Guayaquil South Mission President <>, Ecuador Guayaquil South Mission <>

Hermana Ayer,
Aquí está su itinerario para enviar a sus papás.
Elder Richards
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*** CHECKED BAGGAGE FEES MAY APPLY PLEASE BE PREPARED TO PAY - Please request your bags to be checked to your final destination.
CHURCH TRAVEL CWT                          DATE 23APRIL14
TELEPHONE: 801 240-5111                    AYER/SARAH MORGAN  328112-R
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SERVICE               DATE  FROM           TO             DEPART  ARRIVE
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                            BREAKFAST                     NON STOP
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                  AIRCRAFT: BOEING 757
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V ECONOMY                                  TERMINAL A
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K ECONOMY                   TERMINAL C
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                  AIRCRAFT: EMBRAER 170
                            SEAT 09D NO SMOKING CONFIRMED
     ETKT:AA/001 7430817019    

Monday, June 9, 2014



I´ll be honest, I didn´t work that much this week in my propio sector... Monday was pday, so we only worked from 6-9 pm. Tuesday, I did an intercambio with some hermanas in my zone, and I was the one who went to work in their sector. Wednesday, I worked the whole day in my ward (Monay). Thursday, we had a capacitación en la mañana with the two zones here in Cuenca, then I had to travel to Guayaquil with the other Hna. Líder de mi zona y los líderes de zona. Friday, we had Consejo de Líderes in Guayaquil, and in the afternoon, we just worked in Centenario (Guayaquil) instead of going back to our propio areas. Saturday, we had an awesome Capacitación con Elder Waddell, then travelled back to Cuenca, and I had time to work in my area from 6-9 pm. Sunday, I worked in my area the whole day. That`s 2 days in my own sector. Kind of nuts, but this week has been incredible, en serio. I feel so uplifted!

But first of all, I want to clarify the point of my funeral story from last week. The reason I talked about how I had to play at the funeral was because something funny happened. As a little backstory, the Bishop always calls me Hermana Yesterday instead of Ayer. So at the funeral, he told the hermano directing the service that I was going to play. When the hermano went to open/begin the meeting he said, "Y en el piano, la Hermana Yesterday." I about pun intended.

Also, this week, an elder from UT tried to make the point that his state was the best and said, "Por lo menos vivo en un estado que existe." Oh, don`t you worry, I defended my tierra (como Moroni...Alma 46:12, 48:10). I opened my mouth and it was filled (DyC 33:8). This Sunday we ate with the Bishop, and I showed him and the elders where it says New Hampshire on the movie Joseph Smith: Profet of the Restoration. Conviction feels good. I would have to agree with John Kerry on this one: I love NH.

But more than NH, I love the Gospel. And I love my Savior Jesus Christ.

This week when we had our Consejo and capacitaciones, all the liders talked about our Jesus Christ and how we need to be more like Him. I felt like they were talking to me. He came to this earth so that we can be saved, but not saved in our sins, sino from our sins. That`s why we have the Gospel! Thanks to Jesucristo! The Gospel is the ONLY thing that will save the world from the calamity of its own self-destruction. It`s the only thing that unites families for eternity. It`s the only thing that will give us happiness in this life and a fullness of joy in the world to come.

In the capacitación on Saturday, Elder Oaks was supposed to be there. He wanted to have a meeting with the three missions/líderes of Guayaquil (Sur, Norte, y Oeste), but wasn`t able to make it because of a delayed flight. Elder Waddell from the seventy (who`s in the Presidencia del Area) came and told us to think about it...Elder Oaks wanted to have a meeting with the three missions, but God knew he wouldn`t be there. Why? It`s not like He got up this morning and said, "Oh no, Elder Oaks`s plane didn`t make it! Why didn`t you tell me sooner? Now what are we going to do?" It was funny, but very true. (All the missionaries there were very disappointed to not hear Elder Oaks...including me.) But God has a purpose in everything: He needed all three missions to get together anyway. We have NEVER had a meeting like that before.

Elder Waddell said that Guayaquil is the city that baptizes most in the WHOLE WORLD! (And since Guayaqil Sur always baptizes more than Norte and Oeste, he basically told us that ECUADOR GUAYAQUIL SUR is the BEST MISSION IN THE WORLD.) He congratulated us for our efforts and that we`ve been an example for the world. Then he said that now we need to convert ourselves into the city who most retains and reactivates those people who have been baptized. If we want to have more baptisms, we need to reactivate more people, and retain the fruits of our labors. "Misionero 2.0 convierte, retiene, y reactiva." We need to become those kinds of missionaries.

He also said that baptisms aren`t the measure of our succes--it`s the person we become on the mission. I feel as though I haven`t had as much éxito as I would have liked here on the mission in terms of baptisms, but it`s not about the numbers. It doesn`t matter if I never got to serve in the best places in the mission (aka Galapagos). It`s not about the place. I need to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I need to have His attributes. I may not be able to do what He did, but I can do it like He did. Elder Waddell said, "Dificultat es una excusa Dios no aceptará." The trials of this life are to make us grow stronger, to be more like Jesus Christ, to refine us into that pearl of great price. Hermana Waddells shared Helaman 5:12, and said that this [the mission] is our time to build our foundations en Cristo, because it will strengthen and carry us throughout the rest of our whole lives! I hope that in this last month of my mission, I can give it my all and really come to know my Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ, and become liek Him. More patient, more humble, more diligent, and most of all more charitable. Because charity is the PURE LOVE OF CHRIST and it endureth forever. Moroni 7:45-48.

I love you all!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. Guess who`s giving a talk this Sunday?? HAPPY FATHERS` DAY!!!!!!! The tradition lives on.

P.P.S. Who`s the presidente of BYU? Someone told me it`s not Cecil anymore...?!

P.P.P.S. Everyone in Consejo told me I talk like a Cuencana! Ahhh! No!! Except I don`t say my "rr" like "zhh". That`s the only good thing. The Cuencan accent is a mix of Mexican and Bolivian. It`s very distinct. I don`t say "azhhos" o "comprarsh" like they do, though...just the fluctuation of my voice is the same.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Guinea Pig


Well, I had cambios. I am now in Barrio Monay aquì en Cuenca, todavìa. My new compañera has 10 weeks in the mission, so I`m finishing up her training still! She`s from Snohomish, WA, and she`s awesome! Hermana Prete. She had emailed me in enero asking about the mission and some basic questions because she found my blog (and said it looks awesome--thanks, Parker!). And now we`re compañeras! She`s so great and speaks FULL ESPAÑOL and looks a lot like Lauren Bennett! Seriously, she knows so much and has a such a great desire and muchos ànimos para enseñar. We`ve been inviting everyone to be baptized, and no one has accepted, but that doesn`t get our hopes up! The people here are so duro, but we`re going to find the escogidos.

Our ward is HUGE!!!!!!!! There`s this part called El Valle, that is GIGANTIC! I don`t know if you can go on Google Earth and look up El Valle, Cuenca, but that might help you get a glimpse of all the area we have to cover. We`ve been focusing our efforts on one area called Rayoloma. It`s been good, and we have more investigators, and bastantes picaduras en nuestras piernas. We talked to a familia de Catòlicos this week, and they didn`t want to believe the bible in how baptism should be. They just wanted to argue and make sure our bibles said the same thing. Chao. We`re not here to bible bash nor to convince...sino convertir.

We went to the church on Friday because the ward was going to have an activity, but it turned out they had a funeral instead, so I had to play impromptu for another funeral in the mission. This week, the sun came out a lot more and it felt so good!!! We went out to visitar con una hermana, and she said, "El sol es malo!!" So serious, too! I would have to disagree, but I decided instead to shut my mouth.

We live with my hija, Hermana Argueta, and also Hermana Adams, who I`ve spent casi all of the mission with!! We`re going to be pals despuès. It`s been so fun! We always speak spanish in the house, though, so my hija from Guatemala doesn`t feel bad, and because English has slipped from my brain a lot.

Yesterday, we had a good rabbit rabbit and Dìa del Niño. Except that because of the Dia del Niño, all the schools had programs for the children, so none of our investigadores could come to church. Kind of frustrating. Satan works in mysterious ways that I don`t like. But that doesn`t mean we have to give in. We just have to always stay strong, do the right, and never make excuses. God has His commandments laid out before us. We can chose to obey or to disobey. It`s simple. If we obey, we get blessings. If we disobey, we get consequences. Also simple. Choose to obey. It makes life so much better and so much happier. I love the Gospel. I love the simplicity. Don`t be confused because of the easiness of othe way. Just obey and be happy and you`ll have eternal life! 2 Nefi 31:20

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. We ate cuy this week. My compañera was sad because her sister has a guinea pig named Chester.

P.P.S. I didn`t know Skate Eskate burned down along with Little Ceasers!!?? I never even got to go to skate escape! So sad....

Monday, May 26, 2014

Tiernas Misericordias


Well, this week was a rollercoaster, if I do say so myself. First of all, let me just give the good news first, WE HAD TWO BAPTISMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRISTINA Y KARI SE BAUTIZARON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a miracle.

At the beginning of the week, we weren´t sure if they were actually going to get baptized or not. They're both overage, but their parents still said they wanted to give their permission if they live in their house, which I respect. I´m sure you, mom and dad, would want to know what I´d be doing, and still have to give your consent. So I was doubting a little, but I studied every day in my personal study to know how to help the parents come to understand the importance of baptism and the truthfulness of the church. My compañera and I even did prácticas con los líderes de zona to practice what we would do to help them. Thursday came around and we were sick of hearing, "No, we haven´t talked to our hijas yet, we´ll gave the answer tomorrow." So we said, no, today is the day. They are going to give permiso and God is going to change their hearts miraculously. That day, we get a call from Cristina saying she had talked to her parents that morning, and that they wanted to talk to us to let us know their decision. We were feeling a little uncertain, but we went to talk to them. At first, the mom wasn´t took excited to give permiso, but as the dad was talking, he came to say that he felt that it was a good decision for his daughters and that if they wanted to get baptized, él les apoya completamente. WHAAAAAAT????????!!!!!!!!! We were so excited! And right in that moment, the Spirit came in and testified that what he had just concluded was right and good and true! It was incredible!! He wrote a note to his daughter that said, "Cris, te amo. Está bien que se bauticen. Todos vamos a prepararnos como ustedes." So sweet!!!!!!!!!!! Their family doesn´t talk much because the parents work a lot, but this has truly brought their family close together. The baptism was beautiful, and we had the help of many miembros.

Then Sunday came along..........all was good and nice and tranquilo, and we were excited to have the confirmación. We went to the house of the Familia Puma to make sure they were awake, which they were, and then we left to go pass by for other people who were planning on going to church. Then we went back to their house at about 8:45, ready to head out and go to church. We knocked, we called, we yelled, and they didn´t come out. Finally Kari came outside for a second to try and open the door, but when she went back in to get the keys, she didn´t come out. We waited and prayed and waited and prayed some more for about 45 minutes, wondering what God´s will was in all of this. It turned out that the mom had gotten angry that morning at some little thing and didn´t want anyone in the family to go to church. Satan works sooooooo hard to stop us from reaching our potencial and making sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father! He knows they´re sooooo important, that he will do whatever it takes to keep us from making them and having the spirit with us. Evenutally, with a lot of faith, they came out, and the whole family, minus the mom came with us to church. They got confirmed and it was beautiful. It was a battle, but we won. Well, God won. And He always wins. And will win forever.

Happy Memorial Day, and a rabbit rabbit on Sunday. Also, dad, both our baptisms have your birthday, but one was born in 1994, and the other 1995. Also, isn´t it weird that the last futbol mundial lwas when Will was on his mission? And now the next one is happening when Parker and I are both on ours. Cool.

Parker, I had all those EXACT same feelings/thoughts when I started the mission. It was so fun to read your email and reflect on my first few weeks here. At least you don´t have to wash your clothes by hand....or do you? Also, where the heck in Brazil is Juiz de Fora?? Everyone asks me, but I have no idea.

This lady cut up a whole chicken right in front of us this week. My comp was enjoying it...mas o menos.

This is the true church!!!!!!!!! Go to church and renew your baptismal coventants!! The spirit will tell you all things what ye should do!!!!!! 2 Nefi 32:5

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. Mas amor...for all of you.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Domingo de Milagros


Well, I don´t have much time to write this week because I had to print out a talk for a lady we´re teaching, but I´ll make this short, sweet, and to the point.

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FUTURE ÑAÑA!!! I hope the 21st is an awesome day!!

Second of all, this week was a week of miracles!!!!!! Guess how many investigators we had in church?? Guess! THIRTEEN!!!!!!!!!!!! 13!!!!!!!!!!! It was a miracle! La familia Puma all went!!!!!! Well, except for one of their daughters because she had to do practicas because she´s going to be a nurse. It was such a miracle! The whole family loved it, and I was so grateful to be able to see them all their! Now the parents just have to be excited and ready to change and accept the restored Gospel, as well!

This week, I cut my compañera´s hair. It was so fun! The first time I´ve cut someone else´s hair. And it actually turned out pretty well! She was pleasently was I.

On Friday, we went on a hike. It didn´t mean to be a hike, but we went to visit a menos activa family, and it turns out that they don´t have an actual road to their house, just a random path that goes past corn, animals, other houses, barbed wire, dogs, etc. It was quite exciting, and it was lucky that the family wasn´t there when we got to the top, because it de repente started raining, and we had to get down pretty quick, or else we would have been mud sliding down. When we got at the bottom, though, we ran into a woman who needed us right when she saw us! Her son has been missing, and she´s lost almost all hope of finding him. I know that the restored gospel can help her, so we shared scriptures of aliento and love. And we gave her a book of mormon. There was a noteable change in her countenance at the end of our encounter. THe gospel changes lives.

Funny quote, my zone leader this week said in our Reunion de Distrito, "When I think of humility, one scripture always comes to mind. 1 Nephi 4:31."

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. Alma 13:27-29
Alma 26:12,16,35-37
Alma 29:9.10,13-17


The first picture is a llama sweater I bought last Monday.  It´s so cozy!!!!!!

The second is my zone here in Cuenca...well, it was my zone.  3 missionaries got transferred since then.

The third is my compañera´s and my planeamiento semanal.  So fun.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!


I can´t believe it was just AYER that I talked to all you AYERs! It seems like time has flown faster than ever. I don´t want my life to go by as fast as these past few months have...and how fast the next few months will go. Christian, I am so proud you´re keeping up the family Mother´s/Father´s Day talk tradition. It´s a good tradition. They probably always call on one of us to talk because we have such good parents and they want the speakers to say uplifting things that help everyone to be as good a parent as one of ours. Happy Mother´s Day, Mom!!!!!!! Thanks for being the best mom ever, and for letting me serve a mission, and for letting me grow up with the Gospel, and for teaching me correct principles and letting me govern myself...I hope that´s gone alright for all of us. haha Just know how much I love you!!

This week, a recent convert found a menos activo from Peru who´s living with a lady who´s not a member of the church. The problem is that they´re not married, but they went to church on Sunday and absolutely loved it! I hope they can figure out their life and live the Law of Chastity!! 4 Nefi 1:10-11

I also met a man from NH on Friday! He was wearing a Southern New Hampshire University sweatshirt, and I had to stop and talk to him. He wipped out the cigaretts right when we went to talk, but he seemed fairly normal...besides the fact that he has a girlfriend who doesn´t speak English and he doesn´t speak Spanish...oh, and his girlfriend is LDS! Kind of a funny combo.

El Presidente Torres put a lot of emphasis this week on the importance of our albedrío. Our decisions not only affect ourselves, but EVERYONE around us! It´s such a great and important gift, but we have to use it wisely.

Maria came with us to visit a family and her testimony was so strong! She said the closing prayer on Sunday and it was beautiful! She went to the temple on Saturday and wants to be a temple worker!! Ahhh!! She´s awesome!

The familia Puma´s daughters are getting baptized this Saturday! They´re so excited! Pray for them!!

That´s all I have time for, but I was so happy to meet you yesterday, Stephanie! Thanks for being a great addition to our family!! I love you!! Parker, rock Brasil!!!!!!!!!!!


Hermana Ayer

P.S. I love you!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Upsies and Downsies


Just so you are all aware, I might shoot this keyboard from being so annoying and
hard to type on. Shoot, might not be appropriate, so I´ll just keep doing what I´m doing, which is type has hard as my fingers possibly can.

Getting that aggression out of the way, I´ll get on to say, that I CAN'T BELIEVE PARKER IS IN BRASIL!!!!!!!!!!! It´s so nice to finally get to tell people that he´s there and not have to explain the whole visa-waiting thing, because believe it or not, it´s kind of a hard concept for people here. I also can´t express how much joy it gives me to say that William is engaged!! I just get happier and happier every day that Will and Stephanie are going to make this step in their lives. It´s even better that I´m going to be there! Also, I want to wish you all a Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Not a holidaiy here in Ecuador, but my companion and I are still celebrating it up and eatingth e candy I got in my package! (Thanks, padres! It finally came!)

 AAaaaaaand............HAPPY MOTHERS´ DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can´t believe time has already passed for me to be speaking to you again! Timeflies and I can´t wait to be able to hear your voices and express my testimony in words in vez de writing, becausethis is rather dificult right about now. English and keyboard issues.....THe church is still true, though!

This week, we had a baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maria is an extremely blessed and prepared daughter of God. Her baptism was beautiful, and the chico who baptized her is a recent convert and was so excited to baptize. The water was cold, but they still feltth e warmth of the Spirit. She bore her testimony in her servicio bautismal, andt he Spriit was so strong! She said that she wants to be an instrument in God´s hands to help all His children know the truth and that she wants to be una persona útil en la Iglesia!! She's also going to the temple this Saturday with the ward! So great!! :)

The familia Puma has been doing really great. Yesterday, they all came to church with nice Sunday attire! The children are 20, 19, 15, and 14. They have another younger sister who´s 9 and tyhey live with both their parents, but they´re a little bit more duro. Their cousins are members. THey love church so much! In Relief Society, we talked about For the Strength of Youth, and when we visitedthem inthe afternoon, they asked usa bout modesty and music because they have desires to change!! The oldest daughter also had a piercing under her lip, and she took it out on Sunday!

My companion and I seriuosly have been so blessed to be teaching these people. Keep praying for Laura that her heart can be softened andth at she can readthe Book of Mormon. Pray that we can alsofind newpeople to teach!!

I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The church is true! Christ leads it! He LIVES and LOVES us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. I guess, I'll just leave the rest for Sunday.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Día del Trabajador


First of all, I would like to wish in advance a happy Rabbit Rabbit and May Day this Thursday (which also happens to be the Día del Trabajador here in Ecuador...which is ironic, because it´s the day all the workers stay home and sleep or go on vacation or something), and a HALFY BIRTHDAY to Christian on Sunday. May the Forth be with you.

This week was incredible and passed SO FAST!!!!!! I´ll start with the miracle people we´re teaching:

MARIA. Maria is a woman who showed up to the Stake Conference two Sundays ago, and said she wanted to get baptized. She´s from here, but the past few weeks was visiting her sister on the coast. Her sister is a member, but she didn´t know that. When she was with her sister, the missionaries came over and began to teach her. She asisted church twice over there, and loves it. She loves the Book of Mormon. She reads Teachings of the Prophets of the Church in her free time. She reads Gospel Principles in her other free time. And reads the Book of Mormon every night for a minimum of 15 minutes. She already marked all the books in her LDM, and highlighted all the chapter headings, etc. She is incredible. She is prepared. I honestly don´t know how I am so blessed to be the one to teach her. She´s lived in Cuenca for so long, but the missionaries never found her. Her sister has been a member for a while, but she never knew. I don´t know what Hermana Price and I did right to deserve such a great blessing. I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven to have this chance to be entrusted with one of His most precious daughters. He loves us so much! I know He is a God of miracles. Maria will be baptized this Saturday. Pray for her to vencer la tentación. Satan works hard during the week before a baptism. But God is always stronger. :)

FAMILIA PUMA. This family was a referencia de una familia de mi old ward in Tomebamba. The oldest daughter attended the conferencia de estaca and loved it and told her whole family that they should go. There are 5 children in the family, and all are above the age of 8! The parents are a little more duro, and haven´t had the desire to go to church. It´s hard to visit them, too, because the work until 9 pm every day. Que bestia. But I know that they´ll come around. The 4 oldest children (20, 19, 15, and 14) all went to church on Sunday, and it was funny because there´s another church on the same street but Evangelica. They accidentally went inside that church, then realized that they didn´t feel the same spirit, so they left and looked for the Church of Jesus Christ, and when they walked in felt instant peace. The Spirit is real. All the children have a baptismal date, and love the church. The oldest daughter said that they´re going to be an example for their parents and that with time, their parents will come to church and be baptized, too. What faith!! I know it´s true, too! God wants us to return to His presence como FAMILIAS!! Not alone.

LAURA. Laura was ALSO a referencia. By the Stake President. She´s his work compañera, and is going through some really hard times in her life. She loves going to church, and she loves the Book of Mormon, but she can´t let the Catholic Church go and be baptized like Jesus Christ. The more she reads and prays, she´ll get her answer. Pray that she can get an answer. She needs the renewal of baptism in her life. Like the soldiers who killed our Savior in Hechos 2:37-41. Arrepentíos y sed bautizados.

The best part of this week, was having a visit from ELDER UCEDA!!
It was so awesome! I led all the music for the meeting, and the special hermana choir. It was great. He is a great leader and speaks with the Spirit. I learned so much, and know I have so much to improve on in my last few months here in the mission, but it´s never too late to change! I wish I had time to write down everything he said, but he talked a lot about the OLD type of missionary who just sees their propósito and thinks BAUTIZAR, and the NEW type of missionary who works with the members to find, teach, baptize, retain, and reactivate--a missionary who really helps people to have a true faith in Jesus Christ.

I love this Gospel and know that we can all return to our Father in Heaven! Be the best missionaries you can and help everyone to come to the truth. If people aren´t going to church, you should feel PAIN, and do everything possible so that they can stay active! This is the only way we can return to God´s presence and enter into His kingdom! He loves us! If we love Him, we will serve His children! Mosiah 2:17.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. I totally ate it this week and it was hilarious. My companion was dying. Don´t worry, I just can´t walk on flat ground anymore. No harm done.

Monday, April 21, 2014



Welp, I´m back in the beautiful, cold city of Cuenca. I´ll be honest, I wasn´t really looking forward to being back here in the sierra, but it´s been a great blessing! My companion and I have already seen so many miracles! My companion is Hna. Price from Ogden, UT, and she has 3 weeks in the mission! I´m training still! Yay! I have so many hijas and hijastras, it´s nuts. It´s been so fun to be able to help her to have a good time on the mission and remember why she´s here. The beginning of a mission is really hard (the middle and the end, too, but especially the beginning). It is so important that people love the mission right from the start, or who is going to want to be here for a year and a half? (Or 2 years, for you elderes.)

This week, we´ve been trying to get to know the sector and it´s crazy because we are in the biggest ward out of all of Cuenca. We have two sides with limits, and then one side is the mountains, and the other side is until there´s no civilization. The Obispo said that there are members who live an hour and a half from here. El Presidente doesn´t want us to go over there unless we have an appointment with someone, but I don´t see the chances of us having an appointment an hour and a half away very likely.

This Sunday, we had a stake conference por satelite for all of Ecuador. It was awesome! The people who spoke were Marcus B. Nash, Rosemary M. Wixon, Jeffrey R. Holland, and Richard G. Scott! Hna. Wixon gave all of her talk in English (it was translated), and most of E. Holland´s talk was in English, but he started and ended in Spanish. At the beginning, he said, "No voy a continuar hablando en mi horrible Español. Es terrible. Es horrible." It was so great. Then at the end, he bore his testimony in Spanish, and it was incredible. It was simple, but powerful. I feel like that sometimes. My testimony may be simple, but I hope it´s powerful so the people can feel the truth of this message. He said, "Sin el Evangelio, no tenemos nada. Pero con el Evangelio, tenemos todo--luz, paz, y gozo. El Evangelio y la Expiación son los dones mas grandes en mi vida." I love the Gospel and I love the Atonement. I was so grateful to have that stake conference on Easter, because it helped me to remember the great and atoning sacrifice of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love Him. I know He died for me, and was ressurrected. I know He lives. He lives!! Elder Scott said that Jesuscristo should be the center of our homes porque se llenará de paz y serenidad. I love the apostles and know they are called of God.

Here, Easter isn´t really a big deal--just Good Friday (Viernes Santo). Kind of sad that the Catholics only want to think about the death of Jesus Christ instead of the resurrection. I´m so grateful that we focus on His life over His death. Thanks to Him we all can live again!

I loved this quote from Gordon B. Hinckley: "Qué grande será el día en que los miembros no solo oren por los misioneros de todo el mundo sino que también pidan al Señor que les ayude para colaborar con los misioneros que están trabajando en sus propios barrios." Work with the missionaries! They need the help! Also, your tarea for this week is to read the quotes at the end of chapter 1 in PMG. [HEBER J. GRANT: love = share the Gospel. GEORGE ALBERT SMITH: exaltation = share the Gospel. DAVID O. MCKAY: missionary work = love in action. EZRA TAFT BENSON: ward spirituality = missionary work of the members. HOWARD W. HUNTER: personal conversion = share the Gospel.]

Random happenings: (1)Guess who I saw this week?? KAYLA SCHVANEVELDT!!!!!!!!
I saw her at the Stake Conference!!!!!! I didn´t have my camera, but she took a picture with her phone. (2) At the Stake Conference, we also received other miracles--including one lady who had listened to the missionaries on the coast and came back here to Cuenca where she lives and wants to be baptized!! God is a God of miracles!!!!!! (3) There´s a family in our ward who is from the U.S. and it was so refreshing to be in the home of an LDS family from the U.S. THeir kids were loco. I felt right at home. :]

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. Happy Earth Day tomorrow.

P.P.S. Elder Uceda comes this Saturday to Cuenca!

Monday, April 14, 2014



Welp, it´s official. I´m leaving Guayaquil. I´m going from exceedingly hot to exceedingly cold. That doesn´t sound like correct English, but you get what I´m saying. That´s right, folks, I´m headed to Cuenca. I´m leaving my hija to go help train another newbie who has 3 weeks on the mission. I´m really quite sad because I love her and we were teaching such awesome people and the ward is really awesome and it´s just always hard to have cambios. I´m going to open ANOTHER sector in Cuenca. It´ll be fun. This sector has been closed for a little while, so I´ll get to know everyone hopefully moderately quickly. But enough about the future, let´s talk about Ayer.......and what she did this whole last week.

This week, we met a man from Oregon! That was quite an experience. He was staying with a Latino family who we had visited before, and he said he left the U.S. because the economy is bad and it´s an "all about me" society. He was trying to hard to speak Spanish and the family was doing so well at trying to understand him and speak English back. He asked us what our secret was to speaking Spanish and we told him it was the Gift of Tongues. Kinda hard to beat that. But it´s true! When we´re in God´s service, he blesses us with gifts of the Spirit!! I´m so grateful for my calling as a servant of God and that I have the chance to help His children come unto Him.

The only Conference session I took notes from was Sunday morning, but I felt like all those memssages were directed exactly to me. I loved President Uchtdorf´s talk on being grateful IN our circumstances instead of FOR something. That morning, my comp and I were running around all morning for the people who we had invited to go to the Conferencia, and there were a lot of people who weren´t home, or were sleeping, or made excuses, or went to the playa, or whatever. My companion and I were frustrated and tired, and sweaty, and when we got to the Conferencia and heard that talk, I felt like President Uchtdorf was reprimanding me. God knew I needed that talk right then and right there. I´m so grateful for the love and mercy of our Father in Heaven. During the intermediate hymn, one of our investigators had to leave and she wanted us to accompany her to her house. My companion and I AGAIN were frustrated and grumbling, and we got back to listen to Elder Bednar´s talk. It was incredible. Right when we were walking back to the conference, I talked to my companion about the Atonement and how Christ gave everything to save us, and we have to give everything for this short time here in Ecuador. When we got back and heard Elder Bednar´s talk on cargas, it was just for me, yet again. Trials help us grow and progress. They also help us rely more on our Savior, Jesus Christ. And I loved Presidente Monson´s talk on Charity! It´s the center of the gospel! That´s the emphasis my Mission Presidente has made since he got here--CHARITY. We never will regret an opportunity we took to love and serve. Never.

Random thoughts: (1) Last Thursday, I completed 15 years since my baptism! So crazy! (2) Happy Palm Sunday yesterday. All the Catholics were selling ramos to buy. THis week is Semana Santa, and I can´t believe that this Sunday is Easter! I love Easter! (Except for that one rabbit from that Berenstein Bear´s movie we have...but I think he learned to love it.) (3) Women who want the Priesthood...Jacob 4:10...Jacob 6:12 (4) I got your package!!! Thank you so much!!!! My companion loved the pillow case!!!

Well, I don´t have any time left because I have to head out to Cuenca, but I hope you know how much I love you and how true the church is!! It´s the truth and I can never deny that! I love our family and I know the Gospel blesses families! It´s blessed ours so much, and I know it will bless my future family!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. Cambios means I won´t be singing for Elder Uceda anymore. Maybe they´ll do a musical number in Cuenca, but most likely not. At least I still have the music, though, from when we practiced last week.

P.P.S. 2 Nephi 9:52

Monday, April 7, 2014



Can you believe it´s ABRIL already?? I sure can´t!!!!!!!! Time is flying like the wind, Bulseye. This was a great week in my opinion. It had it´s ups and downs, but an excellent week overall.

On Monday, our Líderes de Zona passed by our house to do some siguimiento of our investigators, and told us that Presidente wanted us to make a 72 hour kit. We thought it was kind of weird, but with the few resources we had, we bought some canned items and threw it together with some medicine, water, etc.

Tuesday, as you all already know was APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!!!!!! I started it off telling my compañera there was a cocroach by her foot, and then as she started jumping around, I said April Fools! It was pretty good. I got some other people saying their shoe laces were untied. That one never gets old. At the end of the day, there was an earthquake in Chile, and there was a tsunami warning for all of Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. My companion and I were just talking earlier in the day about how we needed a little change in our schedule--something to mix up the rutine. And guess what happened? That. Our Mission President is so awesome and loving and protecting, that all the hermanas in Guayaquil went and stayed in his house. It was awesome!! We got to stay in a nice, air-conditoined room, on a big comfy bed, and used hot water to shower with. I felt so spoiled. In the morning, we even had waffles!!!!!!!! So delicious!!!!!!!! Turns out that the tsunami was just the weather playing a big April Fools joke. It was great.

Also, on Friday, my companion and I didn´t even know that the volcano had errupted, but my companion felt like she was having a hard time breathing, so that´s probably why. We didn´t see any ash (Smash Dog), but it was pretty cloudy. Now I know...

THe best part of the week was definitely SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!!!!!!!! Why, you might ask? CONFERENCIA!!!!!!!!!!! I don´t have time to explain everything I would like to, but the Conferencia was awesome and I justw ant to say that I know our chruch leaders are inspired of God. They are called of God. Thomas S. MOnson is a prophet!!!!! My comp and I had to esforzarnos mucho to bring investigators to the Conference, but we were blessed with some miracles there. I know God is a God of miracles and a God of love. I was also happy to see both of your cousins, Mom, in the same camera angle!!

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. When is easter?? I don´t have a 2014 calendar, so I´ve been feeling extremely lost and anxious. The Catholics say it´s in 2 weeks. Easter´s never been so late bfore, has it?

P.P.S. I´m playing for Elder Uceda when he comes in 2 weeks, and my comp, hna. bytheway, and hna. davenport are singing. Woohoo!

P.P.P.S. My comp and I reinacted a picture of when her mom was on her mission. Nice.

Monday, March 31, 2014



PAPA!!!!! ¿CÓMO FUE TU CUMPLEAÑOS??? I hope it was great, and that you felt my love all the way from Ecuador. It was a far way to travel, but love has no boundaries. Ok, that was cheesy. A letter is on it`s way to 25 October Lane, but I`m not sure when it will get there.

This week, we worked really hard to find new people--especially families--to teach. As I`ve mentioned before, finding families in Ecuador is like finding a clear hair elastic on our bathroom floor. Really hard. Mom would know. She can explain it to you. They´re few and far between, but they´re there. It takes a while, and sometimes you need help, but with faith and prayer, you can find it. We have been having lots of faith and lots of prayer to try and find the families God is preparing to receive the restored Gospel.

We have found a few families, and this week taught one the Restoration. The other week, we talked to this kid named Luis and he told us he wanted to come to church and have us teach his family. So we passed by and made an appointment to meet with the mom. We went and found out that she has a strong religious background, and has desires to come to know him even more. She´s gone to a few churches in the past, but hasn´t felt like any of them are the true church. We taught her the restoration and she was very respectful and receptive of our message. We presented the Book of Mormon and taught about the power it has to change lives and how it is the evidence of God´s love for us. She said that she will read and pray, and hopes to know it´s true. Unfortunately, their family is going to visit the United States this week, so we won´t see them for two weeks, but she seemed interested to watch the Conferencia General online at least. I hope she does!!

This weekend, we also had a baptism! Francisco is the son of a menos activo named José Luis. We found them looking for a different family, but God obviously led us to their door. Jose Luis served as a missionary in Quito, but married a Catholic woman, and since then hasn´t had the support of his family in his desires to progress in the Gospel. As a result, he has had times in which he´s been menos activo. His sons had desires to be baptized a few years back, but the mom wanted them to do the Primera Comunion, and haven´t gone to church since. When we found them the younger of the two sons, Francisco, was so excited to be baptized. The older son, unfortunatly, had some problems after this experience and now doesn´t believe in God. This is a lesson for us all, that we need to teach our children from a young age to obey the commandments. Alma 37. That will help us in the long-run. Long story short, Jose Luis has made steps to reactivity, and was able to baptize his son on Saturday. it was beautiful, and the Spirit was so strong. I know this is the true church with God´s authority!

This weeek, we have to work really hard to bring as many people to General Conference as possible!!!!!! it´s gonna be nuts, but with God´s help and direction we can do it. The Conferencia is when people can hear the voice of a prophet of God, and so much quicker receive a testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel. Bring someone to conference! Or invite someone to watch it in our house. Don´t be selfish with such a great missionary tool we have been given!

Random thoughts: (1) This week there was another tremor apparently. As usual, I didn´t feel a thing. (2) We had to teach a lesson in English! It was really hard. Props to all you English-speakers. (3) Before, people only needed 2 asistencias to be baptized--now it´s three. (4) An old guy told us to come back to the true church--the Catholic. haha (5) I broke my ankle on Wednesday, now I have a cast. April Fools.

Well, I hope you have a great April Fools and Rabbit Rabbit! I´ll probably forget to say rabbit rabbit tomorrow--April Fools. Have an awesome day and week! General Conference is going to be boring--April Fools!! It´s gonna be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. Tell Sunkist hi from me. April Fools, tell her meow.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Birthday Week


Wow, I can`t believe this is the first email I`m writing you at the old age of 23. I feel antigua, vieja, mayor...all of the above is what I feel. I feel one year older and wiser too, but also more rickity, more dèbil. Just kidding, I feel the same as 22. I just don`t like the ring of 23 as much as 22. Besides the fact that over the past few years, 22 has become one of my favorite numbers. (And not because Taylor Swift wrote a song about being 22. I never even heard that song while I was 22. Kinda weird.) But now I have 23 years, and you just gotta put your behind in your past, as they say.

And now, Dad, I want to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope it`s the best birthday ever!! The ripe, old age of 53. I can smell the wiseness. Thanks for always helping me to learn each year. Thanks for helping me get to the point I am now. Thanks for you and mom making me do those Summerbridge books when I was little even though I didn`t want to. It was all so we could be one year older and wiser. Keep ponièndose las pilas.

One thing that was weird for me to read in your last email was that you mentioned if there would ever be a need for flip flops or shorts ever again. I was appaled that thought could cross anyone`s mind! How could anyone ever feel cold ever?? I was thinking the exact opposite...would there ever be a need for jackets or sweat pants ever again in my life? What is this strange thing used to make people hotter than they already are? Why would they want to suffer through that? The only real cold I ever feel is when they have the AC on at church. Brrrrrrr. I hope you can all get out of this cold wave fast and heat up like I do every day.

This week has been a great one. One of the focuses of missionary work is teaching families! Something that is pretty hard to find down here in Ecuador. There are a lot of strange, untypical families. If there are a mom and dad, they`re usually not married. Asì que, it`s been hard for us to help these families live the restored gospel, but this week, we found quite a few families! None of them were able to go to church, but we`re excited to teach them this week and help them accept the commitment to be baptized so that one day they can seal themselves and be a family for eternity!

On Thursday, we were looking for a menos activo who hasn`t been visited for quite some time now. We went to his house to find that he doesn`t live there anymore. So we decided to talk to the neighbors to try and find the address of where he lives now so his records can be transferred to his current ward and he can be reactivated. While calling upon his neighbors, 3 kids came out and started talking to us in English! It was so great! They had recently moved from the United States and will be living here now. Their three kids are all above the age of 8, and they parents are married. They live with aunts, uncles, and cousins, and after talking to the kids, they were excited to come to church with us. The mom will be coming here in a few weeks, so we`ll see if they can be a future eternal family!

Here in Ecuador, during the summer there are places that do something called a Vacacional....aka where kids go during vacation to keep learning/doing stuff. They have swim lessons, English classes, dance, etc. Our ward decided to do a free vacacional that all kids could go to. It started on the best day of the year, and will happen three days a week for the next month. It has been a great way for kids to get to know the church, and to receive lots of references. This week, we`re going to visit all the families of the kids who have been going to the vacacional so their families can learn a little bit more about que trata la iglesia and how they can receive the blessings of the restored gospel! In the Vacacional at the church, they`re teaching dance, self defense, painting, drawing, music, guitar, basketball, etc. I want to be part of it, but it`s right during our study time in the morning. An idea that maybe we could do in the future in our ward? Just an idea.

Remember Giovanna who got baptized last week? When we visited her on Saturday, she told us that she had her first post baptism temptation. At her work, they gave everyone beer for free, and she refused and gave it to her boss! She said that she felt the Spirit helping her to make the right choice. She`s so great! Then we taught her about temples, and she got so excited to do her family history! She`s really great and I love how the Gospel changes lives. Keep letting it change yours.

I love you all so, so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :]

Hermana Ayer

P.S. 1 Nefi 19:9

Monday, March 17, 2014



Can you believe how fast time has gone?? I sure can´t! Just to keep the awe of time tradition going, I thought I´d start my email así.

First, I would love to wish you all a very happy St. Patrick´s Day! O Día de San Patricio. I am wearing the same green shirt I wore last year on St. Patrick´s Day, which was my first Sunday here in Ecuador. Now I´ve lost track of the number of Sundays. Time flies. Today, I´m going to make patacones, which are made out of green plantain, and which they juts call "verde." Since there´s no food dye here, it´s really the only green thing readily available.

Second, I would love to thank you all for the birthday wishes! I cannot believe I´m turning 23 tomorrow. What a milestone--23. Now I can do so many more things. 23. Wow. I´m just happy that I´m twenty free and ya mismo my dad´s fifty free. Time flies when you´re having fun. Dad, your reccolection of my birth almost made me cry. Thinking of William with pollen all over his face just makes me laugh, and I really miss those wonderful times when we were young, all those home movies. I´m so grateful we´ve always had the Gospel in our lives, and I want to thank you, Mom and Dad, for raising me these 23 years of my life, and teaching me how to love God first. Really, when we put Him first, we always will be happy. We´ll always have success. We´ll always be blessed. We´ll always be filled. We´ll always have joy. We´ll always how to know how to resist temptation and overcome the challenges of this life. Always. God is our loving Heavenly Father. And I´m so grateful to Him that He's given me loving earthly parents. And loving earthly brothers. I love you all!!

A couple comments: (1) I love that you always comment on the RS/Priesthood lessons from this year. We´re on the same lesson here, and I¨ve felt that the manuals of the church just keep getting better and better. I love how simple yet powerful the Gospel is!! (2) I showed a menos activo a picture of our family, and Mom, he said you were guapísima. I´d have to agree. (3) A bird pooped on me this week. The first time that´s happened to me in my whole life. Check that off my bucket list. Actually, put it on my bucket list, then check it off, because it´s not there. (4) There was apparently a temblor this week. 5.1. I didn´t feel it. I never feel them!

As you can tell from the pictures I sent, we had a baptism! Giovanna se bautizó! She´s the miracle who came to church alone and said she wanted to get baptized. She´s so awesome. So believing and so
ready to accept the gospel in her life! She was just glowing at her baptism, and after she was baptized, she said, "Me siento diferente. Siento un alivio." She´s so great! Her friends who told her about the Gospel came to her confirmation on Sunday and it was beautiful. I´m so excited for her to perseverar and to keep making more covenants with our Heavenly Father in the temple! Some people in the ward have been trying to play matchmaker with her and another chico, so we´ll see how that goes.

This week, my companion and I struggled to find new people. We had quite a few people committed to go to church, but when we passed for them on Sunday, they were all either leaving to visit family, or drunk, or asleep, or cooking, or waiting for a visit, or.................a number of things. I hate that things of this world often get in the way of the spiritual things. We always need to put God first and do His will, and then He´ll help us in every aspect of our life! It´s so vital that we go to church so that we can feel the spirit, be truly converted, and renew the covenants we made at baptism by taking the Santa Cena. It's so important!! God´s way is perfect. We won´t always understand it, but that´s why we need to be obedient. When we obey first, we show our faith, and then receive the testimony. Ether 12:6.

Also, a Chilean hermana just got tranferred here after serving in Rincagua, Chile for a little while as she patiently waited her visa (sound familiar, Parker?), and guess who was her zone leader?? DAVID ARCHULETA!!!! WHAAT? Pretty cool. Apparently he´ll be finishing his mission the end of this month.

I hope you all know how much I love you! As Maid Marian says, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." I didn´t think I could ever love you more than when I was home, but now I have felt more love for you than ever as I´ve been serving the Lord. Stay strong in your commitments, coventants, and callings. The Lord will bless you as you faithfully serve His children! Moroni 9:25-26

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. This week, I got a Franklin Pierce dollar and a NH coin! Tender mercies from God.