Monday, May 26, 2014

Tiernas Misericordias


Well, this week was a rollercoaster, if I do say so myself. First of all, let me just give the good news first, WE HAD TWO BAPTISMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRISTINA Y KARI SE BAUTIZARON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a miracle.

At the beginning of the week, we weren´t sure if they were actually going to get baptized or not. They're both overage, but their parents still said they wanted to give their permission if they live in their house, which I respect. I´m sure you, mom and dad, would want to know what I´d be doing, and still have to give your consent. So I was doubting a little, but I studied every day in my personal study to know how to help the parents come to understand the importance of baptism and the truthfulness of the church. My compañera and I even did prácticas con los líderes de zona to practice what we would do to help them. Thursday came around and we were sick of hearing, "No, we haven´t talked to our hijas yet, we´ll gave the answer tomorrow." So we said, no, today is the day. They are going to give permiso and God is going to change their hearts miraculously. That day, we get a call from Cristina saying she had talked to her parents that morning, and that they wanted to talk to us to let us know their decision. We were feeling a little uncertain, but we went to talk to them. At first, the mom wasn´t took excited to give permiso, but as the dad was talking, he came to say that he felt that it was a good decision for his daughters and that if they wanted to get baptized, él les apoya completamente. WHAAAAAAT????????!!!!!!!!! We were so excited! And right in that moment, the Spirit came in and testified that what he had just concluded was right and good and true! It was incredible!! He wrote a note to his daughter that said, "Cris, te amo. Está bien que se bauticen. Todos vamos a prepararnos como ustedes." So sweet!!!!!!!!!!! Their family doesn´t talk much because the parents work a lot, but this has truly brought their family close together. The baptism was beautiful, and we had the help of many miembros.

Then Sunday came along..........all was good and nice and tranquilo, and we were excited to have the confirmación. We went to the house of the Familia Puma to make sure they were awake, which they were, and then we left to go pass by for other people who were planning on going to church. Then we went back to their house at about 8:45, ready to head out and go to church. We knocked, we called, we yelled, and they didn´t come out. Finally Kari came outside for a second to try and open the door, but when she went back in to get the keys, she didn´t come out. We waited and prayed and waited and prayed some more for about 45 minutes, wondering what God´s will was in all of this. It turned out that the mom had gotten angry that morning at some little thing and didn´t want anyone in the family to go to church. Satan works sooooooo hard to stop us from reaching our potencial and making sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father! He knows they´re sooooo important, that he will do whatever it takes to keep us from making them and having the spirit with us. Evenutally, with a lot of faith, they came out, and the whole family, minus the mom came with us to church. They got confirmed and it was beautiful. It was a battle, but we won. Well, God won. And He always wins. And will win forever.

Happy Memorial Day, and a rabbit rabbit on Sunday. Also, dad, both our baptisms have your birthday, but one was born in 1994, and the other 1995. Also, isn´t it weird that the last futbol mundial lwas when Will was on his mission? And now the next one is happening when Parker and I are both on ours. Cool.

Parker, I had all those EXACT same feelings/thoughts when I started the mission. It was so fun to read your email and reflect on my first few weeks here. At least you don´t have to wash your clothes by hand....or do you? Also, where the heck in Brazil is Juiz de Fora?? Everyone asks me, but I have no idea.

This lady cut up a whole chicken right in front of us this week. My comp was enjoying it...mas o menos.

This is the true church!!!!!!!!! Go to church and renew your baptismal coventants!! The spirit will tell you all things what ye should do!!!!!! 2 Nefi 32:5

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. Mas amor...for all of you.

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