Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!


I can´t believe it was just AYER that I talked to all you AYERs! It seems like time has flown faster than ever. I don´t want my life to go by as fast as these past few months have...and how fast the next few months will go. Christian, I am so proud you´re keeping up the family Mother´s/Father´s Day talk tradition. It´s a good tradition. They probably always call on one of us to talk because we have such good parents and they want the speakers to say uplifting things that help everyone to be as good a parent as one of ours. Happy Mother´s Day, Mom!!!!!!! Thanks for being the best mom ever, and for letting me serve a mission, and for letting me grow up with the Gospel, and for teaching me correct principles and letting me govern myself...I hope that´s gone alright for all of us. haha Just know how much I love you!!

This week, a recent convert found a menos activo from Peru who´s living with a lady who´s not a member of the church. The problem is that they´re not married, but they went to church on Sunday and absolutely loved it! I hope they can figure out their life and live the Law of Chastity!! 4 Nefi 1:10-11

I also met a man from NH on Friday! He was wearing a Southern New Hampshire University sweatshirt, and I had to stop and talk to him. He wipped out the cigaretts right when we went to talk, but he seemed fairly normal...besides the fact that he has a girlfriend who doesn´t speak English and he doesn´t speak Spanish...oh, and his girlfriend is LDS! Kind of a funny combo.

El Presidente Torres put a lot of emphasis this week on the importance of our albedrío. Our decisions not only affect ourselves, but EVERYONE around us! It´s such a great and important gift, but we have to use it wisely.

Maria came with us to visit a family and her testimony was so strong! She said the closing prayer on Sunday and it was beautiful! She went to the temple on Saturday and wants to be a temple worker!! Ahhh!! She´s awesome!

The familia Puma´s daughters are getting baptized this Saturday! They´re so excited! Pray for them!!

That´s all I have time for, but I was so happy to meet you yesterday, Stephanie! Thanks for being a great addition to our family!! I love you!! Parker, rock Brasil!!!!!!!!!!!


Hermana Ayer

P.S. I love you!!!!!!!!!!

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