Monday, June 2, 2014

Guinea Pig


Well, I had cambios. I am now in Barrio Monay aquì en Cuenca, todavìa. My new compañera has 10 weeks in the mission, so I`m finishing up her training still! She`s from Snohomish, WA, and she`s awesome! Hermana Prete. She had emailed me in enero asking about the mission and some basic questions because she found my blog (and said it looks awesome--thanks, Parker!). And now we`re compañeras! She`s so great and speaks FULL ESPAÑOL and looks a lot like Lauren Bennett! Seriously, she knows so much and has a such a great desire and muchos ànimos para enseñar. We`ve been inviting everyone to be baptized, and no one has accepted, but that doesn`t get our hopes up! The people here are so duro, but we`re going to find the escogidos.

Our ward is HUGE!!!!!!!! There`s this part called El Valle, that is GIGANTIC! I don`t know if you can go on Google Earth and look up El Valle, Cuenca, but that might help you get a glimpse of all the area we have to cover. We`ve been focusing our efforts on one area called Rayoloma. It`s been good, and we have more investigators, and bastantes picaduras en nuestras piernas. We talked to a familia de Catòlicos this week, and they didn`t want to believe the bible in how baptism should be. They just wanted to argue and make sure our bibles said the same thing. Chao. We`re not here to bible bash nor to convince...sino convertir.

We went to the church on Friday because the ward was going to have an activity, but it turned out they had a funeral instead, so I had to play impromptu for another funeral in the mission. This week, the sun came out a lot more and it felt so good!!! We went out to visitar con una hermana, and she said, "El sol es malo!!" So serious, too! I would have to disagree, but I decided instead to shut my mouth.

We live with my hija, Hermana Argueta, and also Hermana Adams, who I`ve spent casi all of the mission with!! We`re going to be pals despuès. It`s been so fun! We always speak spanish in the house, though, so my hija from Guatemala doesn`t feel bad, and because English has slipped from my brain a lot.

Yesterday, we had a good rabbit rabbit and Dìa del Niño. Except that because of the Dia del Niño, all the schools had programs for the children, so none of our investigadores could come to church. Kind of frustrating. Satan works in mysterious ways that I don`t like. But that doesn`t mean we have to give in. We just have to always stay strong, do the right, and never make excuses. God has His commandments laid out before us. We can chose to obey or to disobey. It`s simple. If we obey, we get blessings. If we disobey, we get consequences. Also simple. Choose to obey. It makes life so much better and so much happier. I love the Gospel. I love the simplicity. Don`t be confused because of the easiness of othe way. Just obey and be happy and you`ll have eternal life! 2 Nefi 31:20

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. We ate cuy this week. My compañera was sad because her sister has a guinea pig named Chester.

P.P.S. I didn`t know Skate Eskate burned down along with Little Ceasers!!?? I never even got to go to skate escape! So sad....

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