Monday, April 7, 2014



Can you believe it´s ABRIL already?? I sure can´t!!!!!!!! Time is flying like the wind, Bulseye. This was a great week in my opinion. It had it´s ups and downs, but an excellent week overall.

On Monday, our Líderes de Zona passed by our house to do some siguimiento of our investigators, and told us that Presidente wanted us to make a 72 hour kit. We thought it was kind of weird, but with the few resources we had, we bought some canned items and threw it together with some medicine, water, etc.

Tuesday, as you all already know was APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!!!!!! I started it off telling my compañera there was a cocroach by her foot, and then as she started jumping around, I said April Fools! It was pretty good. I got some other people saying their shoe laces were untied. That one never gets old. At the end of the day, there was an earthquake in Chile, and there was a tsunami warning for all of Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. My companion and I were just talking earlier in the day about how we needed a little change in our schedule--something to mix up the rutine. And guess what happened? That. Our Mission President is so awesome and loving and protecting, that all the hermanas in Guayaquil went and stayed in his house. It was awesome!! We got to stay in a nice, air-conditoined room, on a big comfy bed, and used hot water to shower with. I felt so spoiled. In the morning, we even had waffles!!!!!!!! So delicious!!!!!!!! Turns out that the tsunami was just the weather playing a big April Fools joke. It was great.

Also, on Friday, my companion and I didn´t even know that the volcano had errupted, but my companion felt like she was having a hard time breathing, so that´s probably why. We didn´t see any ash (Smash Dog), but it was pretty cloudy. Now I know...

THe best part of the week was definitely SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!!!!!!!! Why, you might ask? CONFERENCIA!!!!!!!!!!! I don´t have time to explain everything I would like to, but the Conferencia was awesome and I justw ant to say that I know our chruch leaders are inspired of God. They are called of God. Thomas S. MOnson is a prophet!!!!! My comp and I had to esforzarnos mucho to bring investigators to the Conference, but we were blessed with some miracles there. I know God is a God of miracles and a God of love. I was also happy to see both of your cousins, Mom, in the same camera angle!!

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. When is easter?? I don´t have a 2014 calendar, so I´ve been feeling extremely lost and anxious. The Catholics say it´s in 2 weeks. Easter´s never been so late bfore, has it?

P.P.S. I´m playing for Elder Uceda when he comes in 2 weeks, and my comp, hna. bytheway, and hna. davenport are singing. Woohoo!

P.P.P.S. My comp and I reinacted a picture of when her mom was on her mission. Nice.

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