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PAPA!!!!! ¿CÓMO FUE TU CUMPLEAÑOS??? I hope it was great, and that you felt my love all the way from Ecuador. It was a far way to travel, but love has no boundaries. Ok, that was cheesy. A letter is on it`s way to 25 October Lane, but I`m not sure when it will get there.

This week, we worked really hard to find new people--especially families--to teach. As I`ve mentioned before, finding families in Ecuador is like finding a clear hair elastic on our bathroom floor. Really hard. Mom would know. She can explain it to you. They´re few and far between, but they´re there. It takes a while, and sometimes you need help, but with faith and prayer, you can find it. We have been having lots of faith and lots of prayer to try and find the families God is preparing to receive the restored Gospel.

We have found a few families, and this week taught one the Restoration. The other week, we talked to this kid named Luis and he told us he wanted to come to church and have us teach his family. So we passed by and made an appointment to meet with the mom. We went and found out that she has a strong religious background, and has desires to come to know him even more. She´s gone to a few churches in the past, but hasn´t felt like any of them are the true church. We taught her the restoration and she was very respectful and receptive of our message. We presented the Book of Mormon and taught about the power it has to change lives and how it is the evidence of God´s love for us. She said that she will read and pray, and hopes to know it´s true. Unfortunately, their family is going to visit the United States this week, so we won´t see them for two weeks, but she seemed interested to watch the Conferencia General online at least. I hope she does!!

This weekend, we also had a baptism! Francisco is the son of a menos activo named José Luis. We found them looking for a different family, but God obviously led us to their door. Jose Luis served as a missionary in Quito, but married a Catholic woman, and since then hasn´t had the support of his family in his desires to progress in the Gospel. As a result, he has had times in which he´s been menos activo. His sons had desires to be baptized a few years back, but the mom wanted them to do the Primera Comunion, and haven´t gone to church since. When we found them the younger of the two sons, Francisco, was so excited to be baptized. The older son, unfortunatly, had some problems after this experience and now doesn´t believe in God. This is a lesson for us all, that we need to teach our children from a young age to obey the commandments. Alma 37. That will help us in the long-run. Long story short, Jose Luis has made steps to reactivity, and was able to baptize his son on Saturday. it was beautiful, and the Spirit was so strong. I know this is the true church with God´s authority!

This weeek, we have to work really hard to bring as many people to General Conference as possible!!!!!! it´s gonna be nuts, but with God´s help and direction we can do it. The Conferencia is when people can hear the voice of a prophet of God, and so much quicker receive a testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel. Bring someone to conference! Or invite someone to watch it in our house. Don´t be selfish with such a great missionary tool we have been given!

Random thoughts: (1) This week there was another tremor apparently. As usual, I didn´t feel a thing. (2) We had to teach a lesson in English! It was really hard. Props to all you English-speakers. (3) Before, people only needed 2 asistencias to be baptized--now it´s three. (4) An old guy told us to come back to the true church--the Catholic. haha (5) I broke my ankle on Wednesday, now I have a cast. April Fools.

Well, I hope you have a great April Fools and Rabbit Rabbit! I´ll probably forget to say rabbit rabbit tomorrow--April Fools. Have an awesome day and week! General Conference is going to be boring--April Fools!! It´s gonna be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. Tell Sunkist hi from me. April Fools, tell her meow.

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