Monday, January 27, 2014


Querida familia!!!!!!!!!!

This week, we added some new things to our diet. No, they are not weird. They´re not even Ecuatoriano. My comp and I officially started our popcorn addiction. We remembered how delicious popcorn is and her family has the same Sunday tradition, so we restarted it and changed it to an everyday tradition! It´s awesome!! Also, a family in our ward found macaroni and cheese in a box! They said they didn´t want it, so they gave it to us because we´re from the United States and EVERYONE eats that stuff there, so we gave it a try. Moral of the story: Stick with Kraft. It´s NOT worth it. No matter how long it´s been since you´ve had mac and cheese, don´t do it. "It´s better to wait" is an eternal principle. The third new food of the week was BROWN RICE!!!!! I can´t tell you how awesome it was to take a break for once from the white rice and eat some brown. It has been over a year...maybe even more...since I´ve had brown rice, and it was heavenly. It´s the little things.

This week, we had a couple intercambios with the Hermanas from our zone. I was with one Hna. from St. George and she asked me an interesting question: "What´s the difference between obedience with exactness and perfection?" I thought for a minute and couldn´t find an answer to that. The Lord asks us to be obedient. Obedience brings blessings, but obediencia con exactitud brings milagros. It´s up to us if we just want blessings or miracles. The Lord asks us to be perfect even as He is, but knew it wouldn´t be possible. Por eso, He sent His only begotten son to the earth to atone for our sins, trials, etc. We can never let our journey to be perfect hinder our happiness in this life. Obedience always will bring us happiness, so we just have to make sure that our daily decisions help us to be happy and have fun as we are in this life-long journey. Gracias a Jesucristo, we can receive forgiveness for everything we have done and have happiness. Everything is centered in the Atonement. Just be happy, be obedient, and God will bless us. Always.

The Hnas in our zone weren´t doing so hot this week because here in Cuenca, it´s hard to see the fruits of your labors. Cuenca isn´t the typical South American mission. It´s completely diferent because the traditions the people have in their religion are so deeply rooted, that they find it difficult to ask God what they should do. Really, in this life, what we learn from our earthly parents doesn´t matter if it doesn´t correspond with what God has commanded us to do. We always need to ask God, obey His commandments, follow His council, listen to His chosen servants, and remember that He will always lead us to the correct path. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for leading me down the right path. (Unlike Pocahontas, who thought she was being taken down another path.) This is the Church of Jesus Christ! He leads it! I know it!!

Mom, I hope your trip went well. This week, a lot of things are coming to pass: Thursday the 30th: I complete one year!!!!!!!!! Time flies. Saturday the 1st: Rabbit Rabbit!! Sunday the 2nd, Groundhog Day! I can´t wait for all the celebrations. haha

I love you all. Take care and remember that God loves you. He is your FATHER. Jesus Christ is your SAVIOR!! He lives!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. We found a referencia de oro....for another sector. Pray that we can find people who our prepared within our ward boundaries.

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