Monday, February 3, 2014

Oldie Moldie

That's right. You heard it, folks. I am officially an oldie moldie. But cuidado, no estoy trunky. I seriously have never felt so old as I did this week when I completed one year. It`s so weird to think that I left the house over a year ago now! The time just passes by so fast! For my one year, I went out and worked, sweated, drank some water, sweated some more, worked a lot more, and kept on working. And then at night, we had some pizza and Hna. [Victor] Krum made microwave cake. So delicious. It was a night to remember.

Also, I think Heavenly Father thought I was getting too white, so He decided to send me to the hottest part of the mission. That`s right again, folks, I`m back in Guayaquil. Where the sun beats the hottest, the mosquitos bite the hardest, and the sweat drops the fastest. But it`s been a great time, and luckily we've had a bit of rain to keep the some from penetrating to the bone and keep me cooled off a little bit.

My new companion is Hna. Morales from Nicaragua!!! I always thought the Nicaraguan accent was the hardest to understand, and it`s definitely distinct, but we`re good to go. I still have to pay a little bit more attention, but that`s normal. We`ve had a great time together. We`re still working on teaching with unity and sharing our time better, but we've gotten better this week.

We're opening up the sector here again, which is taxing when you have to start from zero, but luckily, I knew some of the members when I was here practicing for the Christmas choir, and that`s helped us a lot. We`re serving in Barrio Centenario in Estaca Centenario. The ward here is awesome! All the jovenes are pilisimas! I seriously am so impressed with the youth here. They all have such strong testimonies and desires to share the gospel with everyone! On Sunday, we had fast and testimony meeting, and it was pretty much all the youth who got up and bore their simple testimonies. It was incredible. I invite all of you to think about your love for the Gospel in your life and your commitment to God in sharing this message with everyone...and then do it! Share it with EVERYONE! Todo que se mueve! You`ll be blessed and God will fill your mouth with what you should say! Because this is the TRUTH!!! And everyone will need it at the last day, so you may as well help speed up the process, because God is hastening the work. :]

We live with the Enfermeras who work in the oficina--Hna. Llacsa from Peru and Hna. Krum from Bluffdale, UT. They're awesome. Also, I bought a banana clip this week. I'm officially Ecuatoriana...nos I just need a scruncy.

I got the package this week from the Laconia YW! Thank you so much!! Sister Searle being herself sent some Satellite Wafers. It had been so long since I`d had them! I shared some with the Hna. in our casa, and they were so weirded out. It was so funny. Thank you so much!!!!!!

Well, I hope you know I love you all. The Spirit is real and will always guide us to do the right and to find the people who need this message. Open your mouth and confiar in God. He is our father and He loves us. :]


Hermana Ayer

P.S. I hope you had a good Groundhog Day yesterday!

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