Monday, January 13, 2014

A Rainy Week

Hey family!!

This week has been an interesting one. The other hermanas in our zone arrived to their house with the doors wide open, so they ended up moving into our apartment. Now there are 6 of us living there. It`s fun, but let`s just say there`s been a lack of communication, so everyone`s a little frustrated, but we`ll get that all figured out. I`m just grateful that I`ve never been afraid to have a good talk. You can`t have the Spirit if there`s contention, and you can`t resolve contention if there`s not communication. That`s why we have ears, mouths, etc. So useful. haha So this week, we`re going to be working on that so we can all be happy and have fun! The Gospel is happiness! So if we`re not living happily, we`re not living the Gospel. Arrepentìos, arrepentìos.

On Monday, we went to visit with an investigator who has been having a hard time quiting smoking. He`s been doing so well, but he told us on Monday that he`s not ready to give it up quite yet. We`ve already done all we can--we`ve made a plan with him to stop, we`ve visited him everyday and shared scriptures and words of ànimo, we have friends who help him...but he`s just not ready to repent I guess. That`s probably the hardest thing to see. Repentance is the most important thing we do! If we don`t change, we can`t have the Spirit! We all need to repent every day! While we were feeling kind of down, my companion and I ran into a man who walked past us crying. We felt the need to talk to him, so we found out that he`s been having troubles in his family and feels as though God has abandoned him. He wants a change in his life, so we taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited him to be baptized. The Spirit was so strong! We`re going to visit him this week more so that he can progress.

On Tuesday, we did an intercambio with the other hermanas. I went to their sector and we met with some people visiting from Haiti who have gone to church a few times with them. They only speak French and Creol, but one of the girls spoke a little English. With the mix of English and Spanish, we were able to communicate. It`s interesting how the Spirit crosses all language barriers.

This week, we found a Catholic lady who told us that Ecuador is slowly being ruined by three things: (1) soccer, (2) alcohol, (3) money...but mostly soccer. It was so funny. I decided to not tell her my major has to do with recreation.

Also, side note, my companion and I are the same person. We started busting out Stick to the Status Quo and Hoedown Throwdown the other day. I have so much fun with her. We know that this work is hard, but every day, we`re happy. We`re just going to keey working, being patient, and soon we`ll see the fruits of our labors!!

We had a capacitaciòn for the members on Sunday for the Obra de Salvacion, and it went really well. Remember that the missionaries can`t do this work without you! I love the Gospel and it has blessed my life so much! Sharing hte Gospel helps you appreciate it more! So share!!! :] The Lord will bless you and fill your mouth with the words you need to say. I know He lives!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. Alma 13:24

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