Monday, December 9, 2013



We´re famous. We´re breaking ground. Going places where no one has gone before. Doing things no one has ever done before. It´s pretty sweet.

We had our first 4 performances last week!! And they went so well! We´ve been in the zones in Guayaquil this week, and the week que viene, we´ll be traveling to the rest of the mission (except for Zamora Chichinpe [which is all jungle...I was really sad to hear we weren´t going to that part. Maybe someday they´ll have Hermanas there, and I can open a sector in the jungle.] and the Galapagos).

Remember how the only real solo I´ve had was "That´s too expensive!" when I was in Beauty and the Beast in 9th grade? Well, I¨m officially a soloist now. Meaning, I´ve had to sing a solo every day for the past 2 weeks and I¨m not nervous anymore! I even got tears out of some people yesterday! Tender mercies for someone with an un-soloist-y voice made to sing in choirs/groups.

It´s been so fun to go around to all the zones and get to know different members and missionaries. I hadn´t seen my first hija, Hna. Arellano, since we were companions four months ago, but I saw her on Friday! It was so wonderful! Also, I saw people from my ward in Guayaquil (Los Esteros) at our performance yesterday! I was only there for 6 weeks, but they still remembered me! I was so happy! There was one joven who we helped reactivate, and he´s leaving to go on a mission in 2 weeks to the same mision as Logan (Neuquen)!! I¨m so happy!

At the performance yesterday, a choir sang The Shepherd´s English! I got to play for them, and it reminded me of all those times singing that song in a round with Christian!!! Miss you, bud!

Also, with this week came cambios de compañeras. Hna. Adams who was basically saving our spot there in Cuenca and keeping our program up just got called to the Galapagos. So the other hermana who was there is my new companion. Her name is Hna. Nazer from Idaho and she´s a red head! I don´t look white anymore. haha She also is singing with us now even though she came up in the middle. Fun fun!

This week, we had some excitement, though. Our house got a little leak. And by little leak, I mean huge flood. We woke up one day, went downstairs, and found a rainstorm coming from the ceiling. We now have tons of bowls and pans on the floor catching one leaky drop after the next. A guy has come to work and fix it for the past week. Hopefully he´ll be done soon. I hate living in disarray.

And thanks for the package!!!!!!!!!! I loved everything in there!!!! You know me sooooo well! It also got here in a week and a half! Super speedy quick!! Easy cheese was the best! I shared it with everyone. The gringos loved it and the latinos were excited to try it. It´s been too hot to drink the hot chocolate and apple cider, so I¨ll save that for when I get back to cuenca. EVeryone loved the balsam spray, too, and everyone comments on how pretty the necklace is! I love it! And singing the Christmas songs and reading the Christmas stories in English is awesome!! Still have yet to eat the bacon...but I¨m excited. :] You´re the best!!!!!!!!!!! And dad, I LOVED your letter! Especially the drawing! haha thanks!!!

This week, we ate lunch at a family´s house and they had a HUGE, black cat. Guess what his name was? Salem. As in named after Salem Saberhagen from Sabrina!! He was fatter than Sunkist. Even fatter than Megan Wernig´s cat Rocket. So great.

We also found an antigua investigadora from some other hermanas after knocking doors and getting them literally shut in our faces. It was a tender mercy after a long night. I love the Gospel and know it changes lives. It´s for everyone! Share it! Be an example! Invite someone to church this week! This is the truth! Help bring people to the truth!!!

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. Remember how Parker was going to send me a copy of his going away mission talk? Can you please send that to me??

P.P.S. There´s a new elder in my mission from Fresno, CA. Dad (or anyone who served there, too), did you know a Riffel family? He has hair almost like Elder Jardine.

P.P.P.S. Happy Pearl Harbor Day last week, Friday the 13th this week, and December 14th on Saturday (besides the fact that it´s Adrian Tidd´s birthday, it only comes once a year)!!

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