Monday, November 25, 2013



Welp, this week is one of updates. There were cambios. We had ´em. I was really really upset because I LOVE Hermana Clark! She´s so awesome! So we were really sad when we got that call. BUT, guess who my companion is? I¨ll give you a hint...I spent 4 1/2 months with her. She´s from Colorado. She´s crazy. She and I are basically twins. Yep....HERMANA ADAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy to find out she was my companion! Everyday, we´re still like, How are we companions?? It´s so nuts. We´re so nuts together, but we do work. We get it done. And we love it! She and I work so well!

What´s even better is that Hna. Clark is still in my zone!! Presidente Torres in the past wanted Hna Lideres to train, but now he´s having Hna Liders be companions with other Hna Liders. So Hna. Adams and I are together watching out for all of our little hermanitas. There are 8 in the zone, so we´ll do intercambios with them, and we´ve already seen the blessings of being together, because we can really focus on each hermana individually and help them to learn, grow, and love missionary work! It´s been so great!!!! This week, we´re going to do a theme of Thanksgiving scriptures since all except for one of the hermanas in our zone are gringas. It´s pretty nuts. I love it.

Except...I guess I won´t be here to send the little Thanksgiving scriptures, or do intercambios, or anything because........we´re finally doing the Christmas program!! Which is also bad because I haven´t practiced any of the music. I played through the music once and then I never went back to practice because there´s no piano in our chapel. So we´ll see how that goes. Hopefully Presidente will be patient with me, and I¨ll have lots of time to practice it up. Or maybe I´ll just sing. Who knows? All I know is that I¨m leaving today at 5 today for Guayaquil, and I´ll only be there for 2 weeks. We´ll travel around to all the zones in the mission (except for the Galapagos) and perform within these 2 weeks I guess. I´ll keep you all posted.

This week has been wonderful, though. Hermana Adams and I have seen so many miracles. Somedays we don´t have any help from members, but we don´t let that stop us from doing this work. It´s on those days that we can really feel God´s hand guiding us. One night, we went to visit someone we had just talked to in the streets, and we invited his dad to church. He told us about some houses down the street where a lot of Americans lived, so we took that more or less as a referral and headed down. My companion asked me what my favorite number is from 1 to 17, so I chose 3. We pressed the third timbre, and these two little girls salieron because they thought we were there with the pizza they had ordered. A minute later, the pizza guy showed up and we realized that it was incredible that we had pressed that door bell out of all of them. Then the mom of that girl came out and she was extremely drunk. She told us though that she had lived in the United States for a while, so she started talking to us in English...kind of. She was hilarious. She started yelling at her husband, "Baby, open the gate! Baby!" Then he didn´t open the gate, so she said, "Babies, sorry, my husband won´t open the gate." It was so funny. We told her not to worry about it, and left dying of laughter. We´re going to go back this week, though, and find her. We don´t know why God led us to that door right then...maybe just to give us a good laugh, or maybe to help one of his daughters find her way back home. We´ll make sure we do all we can.

Well, I´m out of time, and I have to go finish packing. I love you all so much! I hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever!! Mom, you´ll have to tell me how Planksgiving has been going, and dad, you´ll have to tell me how Franksgiving goes. One month till Christmas!

LES AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LA IGLESIA ES VERDADERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. Dad! Please tell me what planet I can see!!!!!!!!!!!

P.P.S. Can you send me all the scripture references from the Book of Mormon that talk about javelines?? Thanks!

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