Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Happenings

Welp, familamily.

Another week doooowwwn. I still can´t believe how fast the time flies. Notable happenings this week: I completed 6 months on Tuesday. Six whole months! Where has the time gone, en serio. Happy Harry Potter´s birthday on Wednesday. And Rabbit Rabbit on Thursday. I cannot believe it is August already. Here in Ecuador, the whole year feels the same, and I´m pretty sure people don´t know when it´s summer or "winter," so that makes it hard to get a feel for which month it is. One of the reasons I love NH--seasons.

This fin de semana, we had another baptism! The other hermanas had 2. I just love this work, and I love going out every day to preach this message of joy to the world. Heavenly Father is helping us to have success, and I know that it is only with His help that I can do what I´m doing. The people of Ecuador really are so incredible. They all believe in God and have such great faith. We as missionaries just help them to see the truth--that the Gospel of Jesus Christ and power and authority of God have been restored to the earth. It is only with the proper authority (Matthew 10:1) that we can be baptized, give blessings, lead the church, etc. Joseph Smith restored this authority to the earth, and Thomas Monson has that authority now. The Priesthood is real, and I´m so grateful for the trust God has in the worthy men of this earth to hold that power and authority.

I love this Gospel! I just can´t say it enough! I can´t think of any notable things from this week. Just happiness. A family whose son got baptized a few months ago accepted to be baptized when before were very against the church. I know the Gospel changes lives and am grateful for Heavenly Father´s help in this work.

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. The people here are pros at cement. Reminded me of Helaman 3:7.

P.P.S. I had an omelet on rice the other day and reminded me of Omelet Night at the hospital in Provo. Camille, Ash, have you gone since I left?

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