Monday, July 8, 2013

Es un milagro

Mi buena familia!!!!!!!!!!

Well, this week has been one of miracles. Not big miracles. Small miracles. But lots of them. Some of them where you had to be there. But I´ll try to do them justice nevertheless. I KNOW without a doubt that Heavenly Father lives. He lives! His hand is in this work and I know that, too. If I denied it...I don't even want to think about what would happen if I denied it. But I want you all to know how much Heavenly Father loves us. Each and every one of us. He loves me, He loves you, He loves my companion, He loves His children here in Ecuador, and He loves all His children all over the world!

This week, we taught one of our investigators, Rosibel, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We read 2 Nephi 31, and when we had to go, she said, "Un capítulo mas! No se vayan!" She is so wonderful and so excited to be baptized. Her desafío, though, is that she can´t come to church on Sunday because she visits her family on the weekends. We´re trying to figure out a way she can come home early Sunday morning or Saturday night so she can come to church. She is a miracle, though. Her excitement and desires to learn the Gospel are inspiring to me.

We have one investigador named Bladimir who will be getting baptized this Saturday. Last week, we had the hardest time finding him, though. We were praying so hard that we could find him in his house and teach him, and finally on Friday, that prayer came to pass. Heavenly Father had to test our patience a little, but with faith, we were able to see a miracle come to pass and help him be excited for his baptism.

Every day this week, we have had a time when we've really needed to hurry to an appointment. Usually when we don´t need a taxi, we always find them, and then when we need one, one never appears. This week, however, right when we needed a taxi, one came around the corner. Those times were miracles.

On Thursday night, we were walking home, and hadn't reached our goal of fechas we wanted to put, and we were feeling a little down. As we were walking, we found a joven who was walking home and we decided to talk to him and invited him to be baptized. He accepted and also accepted to come to church this Sunday. We set an appointment for Saturday, but he wasn't there when we went to his house. We left a note and returned Sunday morning before church to see if he was still planning on coming. When we went to his house, he wasn't there, but we decided to invite his family to come and told them we´d be back. When we returned about and hour later, I didn't have much faith they would come, but when we got there, all 3 of them were reading, including the joven who is preparing to be baptized. They all came to church, which was a miracle.

We have another investigator, Andy, who is preparing to be baptized this Saturday. Last week, he went to Mutual, but no one was there, so he felt pretty sad because he was excited. Yesterday, the youth had a Noche de Hogar, and we decided to invite Andy. When we went to his house, he was asleep, so we left. At8:30, we didn't have any appointments, and decided we´d visit one more person before we had to be home, so we went to a persons house who lives close to Andy. The lights were out on 2 streets, so we had to inconveniently walk around every street, and my companion complained a little bit, but then when we turned the corner, who appeared? Andy. He wanted to go to the NDH, but thought it was at the church and would have been devastated to find out it wasn't. It was a miracle we ran into him.

I KNOW Heavenly Father lives and loves us! I love being a missionary. We have a new mission president, Máximo Torres, and he´s wonderful. I know he´s a man of God! His whole family speaks English, so that was cool. Also, I met a little girl who was visiting from Texas and I talked to her in English, too. I love this work and being here. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!! No apple pie or hamburgers for the 4th, but Hermana Adams and I sang the National Anthem and said the Pledge of Allegiance. It was great.

LES AMO!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. Here are some pictures from this week. 1. I LOVE my companion, Hermana Arellano! She and I have so much fun together! 2. The Hnas. in Santa Rosa and Machala with Presidente Torres. 3. 4th of July

P.P.S. Another miracle or evidence that Heavenly Father has a sense of humor, was that on the 4th of July I was reading in my lectura of the LDM in Spanish, and I came to the part where it talks about Moroni being a man who loved liberty and independance.

Sarah loves her companion, Hermana Arellano!
The Hermanas in Sanata Rosa with President Torres and Machala
Fourth of July Fun!

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