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Wow, already another week down. The weeks have been going by faster and faster. I honestly can´t believe it. This week, I want to wish you, Mom and Dad, a HAPPY 26TH ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!! I´m not sure if you've all gotten my letters yet, but I hope they come soon! Who knows how reliable the Ecuatoriano mailing system is...not I. But please know I love you both and am so glad you married each other for time and all eternity 26 years ago in the Logan Temple. The senior missionary couple that live next door to us got married in the Logan Temple, too! I attached a picture of them so you can see our lovely missionary abuelitos.

Also, this Saturday, we had a baptism for Noemi! She is so wonderful! Her husband was baptized about a month ago, and she was still having doubts about getting baptized herself at the beginning of last week, but we taught her with poder y autoridad, and she gained a testimony and a witness of the Holy Ghost so powerful that she couldn´t deny it. Ever since she made the firm decision to get baptized, she has been so much happier. And at her baptism, she was radiating. I´m so happy to be part of this work, helping Heavenly Father´s children prepare themselves to return to his presence.

We've definitely had our share of tests and pruebas, though, that´s for sure. We had 3 more baptisms planned for Saturday: Elena, Yamilet, y Paulina. Elena is the abuela of Yamilet and Paulina, and last Sunday, she and her nietas were so excited to be baptized, but then when we passed by their house on Monday, Elena wouldn't let us in, nor wanted to talk to us. Her aunt told her that she already got baptized and that it´s a burla ante Dios to get baptized twice. She listens a lot to what other people say, so she obviously took this pretty hard. She definitely has a lot of trials in her life, too--no job, 3 girls to take care of without any help from their parents, health issues--but she still doesn't understand that being baptized will help her will all of these problems! We´re still trying to pray and receive the revelation we need to be able to know how to help them, but it´s all going pretty slowly. We´re going to try and send some members of the branch to visit her and help her realize the importance of the gospel of Jesucristo in her life. She´s definitely received an answer of its truthfulness, so now we need to help her to follow that prompting.

We had our last training with Presidente Montalti on Tuesday, because he´ll be leaving at the end of the month and our new president will be Presidente Torres. He´s a doctor from California. Presidente Montalti is great. He shared Mosiah 2:22-25, 41 about obedience. If we want blessings, we need to be obedient. That´s all that Heavenly Father requires. That´s it! It´s like John 14:15 says, "If you love me, keep my commandments." Also, in a house down the street from the chapel where we had our capacitación was a lion! Someone owns a lion, and we could see it in the 4-inch space underneath the garage. I may or may not have touched its tail when I walked past...ok I did. I touched a lion.

Random compliment of the week: Someone told me I have a Greek profile and that my nose is beautiful. Thank you, Ecuador.

I love you all and hope you´re doing fantastically! Keep up the great member missionary work and help out the missionaries as much as you can! It´s key to have help from members! The church is true! Christ lives!

LES AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S. Thanks again, Sunkist, forrr the email! Glad to hearrr you´rrre alrrright!

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