Monday, April 8, 2013

General Conference


I just want to let you all know how much I love you.  Watching General Conference this weekend made me think of home and my family.  Families are so important in the plan God has for us, and I´m so grateful I have such a fantastic family!  One of the things I love that Elder Falabella said is "Un niño que canta es un niño feliz."  This is so true!  The song of the righteous is a prayer unto me (D&C 25:12).  I´m so grateful our family is a singing family.  Probably the reason my life has been a happy one.  Thank you, mom and dad, for helping me to appreciate singing and to love singing.  I miss you all and singing with you all!

I love President Monson´s talk on obedience, too.  It is so crucial that we obey in this life.  While he was speaking, I received such a strong witness that he is the prophet of God on the earth today.  Last week, Hermana Olson and I testified of prophets every day and their importance, and while President Monson was talking, I received another confirmation of His calling.  I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet today.  I know that through Joseph Smith the gospel was restored again to the earth.  This gospel is true and it´s necessary for everyone who lives on the earth!  I´m grateful for the opportunity I have to preach this gospel to God´s children in Ecuador.  In the CCM, we watched a devotional that David A. Bednar gave in the Provo MTC, and he talked about how he studies the Conference talks, and I really like it.  He looks for 1) the doctrine  2) the invitation and  3) the promises given.  Each general authority gives us an invitation to change, to improve, and to follow Christ.  If we follow their counsel, we receive blessings.  I know this to be true!

Sorry that this email is short, but I want you all to know of my love for you.  I enjoy getting your emails and your encouraging words.  I am working on my ability to teach, and luckily things have gotten easier since the beginning of th emission.  Each day is better.  Keep me posted on the Billins and their necks, fingers, and college apps.  Don´t get too crazy with Insanity.  Mom, I´m glad you got to see Brandon and Stephanie in Virginia!  We had a bat in our shower last week.  So many people try to speak English here and I love it.

Well, that´s it for random facts.  I´m out of time.  I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Ayer

P.S.  I´ll try to send pictures next week.

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